Merry Christmas

For Christmas we borrowed an idea from a gift from Big W, the idea was to give Jacob’s support teachers a packet of seeds with a card saying – “Thank you for helping me grow.”

We had a number of herbs and flowers. It was going to be a simple exercise, Jacob sign the card and put a packet in the envelope. However, he matched the seeds to the personality/activities of each teacher. Mrs Smith should get sage because if you add a ‘t’ it becomes stage (which he did) and Mrs Smith is the performing arts teacher. Mr Jones should have thyme because his classes always run over time. Nikki (his behaviour coach) should have sunflower because she always brightens up his day.

It amazed me at how thoughtful he was. I hope the teachers see that side of him. I know it is easy to see the bad but I hope they see and enjoy the person I know and love.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

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