Jacob at the Fringe

The Adelaide Fringe

Jacob loves the arts, therefore living in Adelaide we make the most of the Fringe Festival. Due to Jacob being noise sensitive and highly anxious we have to manage his experience at these events. Thanks to the staff at the Fringe he has always had a great time. Children’s events have smaller audiences, so they want the audience to sit up the front. However, we explain to the Fringe staff that Jacob has special needs (it also helps that Jacob is wearing bright green ear muffs) and they allow us to at the back where he is comfortable. There is nothing more enjoyable for me when he relaxes and enjoys the show, I just love his belly ache laugh at the bad jokes or slap stick tricks at these events. His particular favourites are the Splash Test Dummies (previously Crash Test Dummies) and the Firemen Circus.

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