Jacob at Monster Truck Rumble

Monster Truck Rumble

In 2018, my sister, Tracey and I took Jacob to the Monster Truck Rumble at the Wayville Showgrounds. It was not Monster Jam that Jacob was used to, but he quickly adapted, and he had a great time. At the end we knew that there was fireworks, this was the first fireworks Jacob had seen live and when it was time we were ready for a quick exit but Jacob loved them.

So this year, went bought tickets again. Jacob was a little braver and went out on the ground for the pit party. He didn’t stay long at there but he gave it ago. He enjoyed most of the motor sport activities, particularly loving the demolition derby. Then as the fireworks were getting set up he got anxious and wanted to leave. We left but they started as we were going out. We had to hang onto him, so he didn’t run. We are used to the stares when he has these anxious moments, most times we are more worried about ensuring he is safe then what other people are doing.

Overall, not a bad night but it was just a reminder of two things. The first one is no matter how much we prepare for an event something unexpected still happens. The other is that with Jacob we never have the same experience twice.

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