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Welcome to my blog, I am Auntie Belinda and I my nephew is Jacob.

It has taken me a lot longer to get this website/blog started than I had hoped. When I had the idea of doing this, I wanted it to be about all the positive things Jacob and I have done. However, Jacob has special needs (I don’t want to label it in any particular way and over time it will be clear what these are), recently his behaviour has become more challenging, which has meant being positive has been difficult. Therefore I have reviewed my original idea and I want this to be realistic and honest, I want people to know I know how it feels when things become out of control or that I am sometimes afraid that if it continues I just don’t know where we will end up. I know I could have been light and fluffy but the reality is always there, I want to acknowledge the reality, so everyone can see that I am genuine, possibly know that they are not alone or learn something from our experiences.

This photo is a good example of our complicated but blessed life. It is one of my favourite photos of Jacob. However, it started with us wanting some nice family photos on a special occasion at Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens. Jacob refused and this photo was the result. After a lot of discussions with his Mum we did get the family photos as well.

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