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Jacob is my nephew and he is my best friend. Together we have had a lot of adventures. One of our biggest was writing our three books – Jacob’s Door Game, Jacob’s Super Dogs and Jacob’s Door Game – The Christmas Edition. It is Jacob’s imagination that lead me to create the books, he has helped me chose the adventures in the books and had a say about the design. Our stories highlight friendship, acceptance, compassion and imagination.
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I decided to create this website as I would love for the books to reach more children. I also wanted a way to share other adventures that Jacob and I have experienced and will experience, good and bad. That’s why this website includes a blog.

Jacob’s Door Game was created to show Jacob what his imagination could create. As I say in the back of the book, it came out of game that Jacob and I played together. The book captures some of our special memories.

Jacob’s Super Dogs is more of a story book than a picture book like Jacob’s Door Game. That is because Jacob did not engage with the picture book idea and challenged me to write something that he would be interested in. Jacob’s Super Dogs is the story of Jacob’s plush dogs that are such an important support for Jacob, like everyone’s favourite plush toys growing up. In Jacob’s Super Dogs, I have attempted to address several issues that Jacob is facing growing up. Jacob’s life is complicated and that is his story to tell, but I hope this book makes people appreciate that we are all different.

Christmas has always been a special time of the year for our family so Jacob’s Door Game – The Christmas Edition is about capturing the fun side of Christmas to remind Jacob of the magic. Jacob and Doggy play their favourite game The Door Game but with a Christmas theme. This book helps Jacob and Doggy remember the joy of Christmas, especially when they do it together. 

The books and this website would not have come alive if it wasn’t for Flux Visual Communication, thanks to Frank and Kim for all their work and more importantly for embracing the nature of this project.

Belinda Trimboli (Auntie Belinda)

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